Materium: Contemporary Functionality

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani

In the era of mobility and flexibility, working is no longer identical with a place or room you go to. It instead turns into "something you do", which can be anywhere at any time. This idea gives birth to the Materium furniture collection, created by Malka in collaboration with Thinking*Room and DMDIO. DJ Mear, Marketing Director of Malka said that Materium is design as contemporary furniture that adapts with the user's needs. Each product is designed with a combination of uniqueness and functionality, made of the best material.

Materium presents table, seats, cabinets, lighting, partitions and accessories including drawers and trays. It's divided into Work Living Collection, Office Collection and Accessories, yet can be interchanged and integrated anywhere, from home, office to public space. With a variety of sizes, materials and colors to choose from, Materium offers a free reign to give that personal and unique touch, accommodating the need for productivity and comfort at the same time.

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