Liza Deubez: Creating Fresh Bites

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani

Through her brand Paletas Wey, Liza makes her dreams come true serving healthy gourmet ice cream.

A high-quality ice cream with a delicious taste and guilt-free conscience can exist, as Liza Deubez proved when she founded Paletas Wey in Bali in 2015. A Brazilian national, Liza believed she could make it work after her friends told her just how much they loved the Mexican paletas that she was serving during a Christmas dinner. Liza set out to improve on the ice cream concept by combining 100% real fruits, no preservatives, and low sugar with top-quality ingredients.

Sourcing 85% of the ingredients from local producers, mostly from Bali and Java, Paletas Wey is helping to enrich the lives of the locals while educating the market on the artisanal quality of the brand. The intense yet natural flavors are suited to the local preference for fruits and the flavors of desserts and snacks. Liza currently offers three categories where Fruity blends the ripest fruits for a refreshing taste, Premium offers a sophisticated combination of pieces of fruits with stuffed paletas, while Gold serves gourmet creaminess and delicious fillings. The most popular flavors are Watermelon Lime, Vanilla Oreo, Durian, Choco Avocado, and Banana Nutella.

Join InClover as we speak with Liza Deubez. (The interview has been edited for length and clarity.)

What's the meaning behind "Paletas Wey"?    

In the Mexican language “Paletas” means wooden stick of ice cream that is similar in other countries where Paletas means popsicle (British) or lollypop (United States). “Wey” is a slang word for friends, as in English: Dude, Bro, Fellas, etc.

Why popsicles? Is there any special story behind it?

Popsicles remind me of my childhood. When I was a kid, I used to make coconut or corn flake lollies at home in plastic molds. Since then, those yummy and natural flavors were always in my mind. Whenever I go to the supermarket, I look for similar ice creams but I was never satisfied. I found them too sweet or much too chemical-tasting.

We heard that you fell in love with Bali and think it's similar to Brazil.

I feel at home in Indonesia, especially in Bali. The people in Bali have the same character as in Brazil. They always smile and greet people they meet on the street. Besides of course the tropical climate, the paradise beaches and the lovely food.

From your life's experiences, what would be the ones that influence the creation of Paletas Wey the most?

It all comes from the eagerness to fight for my dreams, to have a voice and not to lower my arms and give up. It sounds daring, but for me Paletas Wey was born from a dream to have a better world: equality for everyone. We want to be able to ‘touch’ every person who comes in contact with the brand, direct or indirectly, such as suppliers, farmers or customers.

What are your future plans for Paletas Wey?

Our plan is that by the end of 2021 we will be using 95% purely local products by changing some of our menu items. We will continue expanding the brand nationally and internationally, as well as creating new product lines.  Hopefully, we can provide more options and variety to the market with our healthy and high-quality products.