Level-Up your Football Skills

Story By
Michael Eaton

PUMA Football has announced the launch of the POWER UP package, a new line of shoes that converges the world of football and video games. Inspired by the steady progression of leveling up and upgrading in gaming, the FUTURE 19.1 and PUMA ONE 19.1 are items that allow for the user to become champions in their real-life game. Both of these stylish boots are designed with the classic aesthetic of gaming arcades in mind, and are accented by red and blue hues that inspire creativity and energy on the field. Worn by football stars such as Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suárez and Romelu Lukaku, the POWER UP package are already available globally.

The FUTURE 19.1 is made with improved system that aim to combine NETFIT and 3D Havoc Frame into one layer – the new evoKNIT PRO that brings your foot closer to ball, upgrading your touch and overall stability. Level up your kicking for power, accuracy, or speed, this boot is ideal for those who like to have full control over their passing. 

The PUMO ONE 19.1 upgrades the most important aspects of any football player’s game – fit, fast, and feel are all enhanced by this shoe. Malleable K-Leather is applied to the main part of the boot, ensuring a softer feeling, while specially engineered 3D waves allow for a better handle. FUSEFIT technology in evoKNIT socks allows for greater flexibility in lacing options, giving better overall comfort and flexibility while still allowing you to lock on when you need. The super lightweight RAPIDSPRINT outsole reduces the overall weight of the booth, ensuring that that player can reach their top speeds while avoiding any discomfort.

For more information, visit puma.com