LEKAT: Casually Woven

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani

An eco-ethical daily wear that brings traditional fabric into the modern era.

Photos by Timur Angin

Creative Director of LEKAT, Amanda Indah Lestari began the brand’s story with creating accessories using various fabrics and simple clothing. After success at the Hong Kong Fashion Week, Amanda was inspired to take LEKAT to the next level with its own signature style and traditional Indonesian fabrics. That opportunity came when she met a Baduy tribe member. The women of the tribe were taught to weave from an early age as part of their culture which resulted in unique, yet highly underused, woven fabrics. From there, the link and the creative horizons were open to Amanda.

As part of their aesthetic, LEKAT requests certain colors but uses only the original patterns, maintaining the authenticity and meanings. The revamped clothing collection was launched in 2013 and received positive responses. Lastingly memorable is the meaning of LEKAT in Indonesian, and so it has proven. While using traditional fabrics, it’s far from ethnic wear. Instead it boasts its own signature style that’s easy to recognize. The timeless and casual statements of patchworks and loose silhouettes in Baduy weavings bring tradition into modern daily life. Each style is limited to 5 pieces at most, and each piece is slightly different as it is handcrafted. LEKAT currently offers accessories and clothing mainly for ladies, while they are in the process of introducing limited collections for men and kids. 

A second line, called LEKAT DUA, was recently launched to introduce simpler, younger and more affordable ready-to-wear selections. Inspired by artist and printmaker Ellsworth Kelly, the line’s first ever collection combines contrasting colors in oversized items. Collaborating with an innovative textile producer in Indonesia, LEKAT DUA utilizes rayon, cotton twil and canvas fabrics with a touch of Baduy weavings.

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Jakarta 12730 Indonesia
+62 21 718 0663