Leiden: Art, Sience, Serenity

Story By
Harlan Boer

A small but multicultural town in the south of the Netherlands known for its respected university, where insight grows and the feeling to be pampered along with art, sience, and days of serenity.


Photo by Harlan Boer


 Windmills, canals, and bridges in stunning composition across the city.

Once in a while, let’s cross the canal in a small boat, or a big one. 

 Everyone loved lounging by the canal.

 When the weather is sunny, this pretty little town gets even brighter.

 Seeing the artifacts of people’s lives from around the world at Museum Volkenkunde (The National Museum of Ethnplogy).

A cool-design city bus passing in front of the shopping street Haarlemmerstraat.

Here and there, the old buildings house exudes its beauty.

In all sizes, art galleries and studios are scattered throughout Leiden with a number of treasures inside.

Young Rembrandt statue. Rembrandt was born in Leiden where he lived for the first 26 years of his life; the crucial times for his career as a painter.

There is always a surprise for your eyes. Art installation exhibitions in public space are held regularly.

The Wall Poems. More than 110 poems in many different languages were painted on the exterior walls of buildings.

Chairil Anwar’s iconic poem: “Aku” in Leiden.