La Bella Mantova

Story By
Nindya Kurnia

As Italy’s Capital of Culture, Mantova was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city maintains the architectural legacy of the Renaissance Gonzaga rulers and continues to share stories and history.

St. Peter Cathedral or Mantua Cathedral is a Catholic church built during the early Christian era. The interior was designed, carved and painted by seven popular Italian artists.

The most ancient church in Mantova, the Rotonda di San Lorenzo, was built during the late 11th century and it maintains its ancient shape and interior. The building itself is in brick with detailing in marble that comes from ancient edifices.

As you arrive in Mantova, you will be welcomed by powerful scenery. The Lake of Mantova that surrounds the city, increases the beauty. Day or night, nothing can hide the historical sense of this city.

Most of the historical buildings are located in Piazza Erbe and there’s a zodiac tower on the side of the Rotonda di San Lorenzo. Lots of delicious typical foods, shopping centers and street entertainers, truly vibrant.

The Basilica of Sant’Andrea is an example of Renaissance architecture from the 15th century. This church kept the precious relic of holy blood left during the ascension of Jesus Christ. With a mesmerizing exterior and interior, this church is a must visit when in Mantova.