Kitchen Magic

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani

Why skip on the kitchen magic when these high-tech appliances can make it happen with ease?

June Intelligent Oven

An all-in-one oven with over 100 chef-developed, one-tap cook programs to automatically create food the way you want it with no preheating required as the convection oven also functions as an air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster and warming drawer. Control the food, watch it being cooked, or get notified when it’s ready via the June app or asking Alexa. From roasting salmon to reheating last night’s leftovers to cooking whole turkey, the June Oven delivers foolproof cooking and even allows its users to choose how they want to do it, with a streamlined touchscreen interface (for example, there are 64 ways to cook bacon). With its food recognition feature, the AI recognizes over 50 common foods and suggests the perfect automatic cook program. To make it even better, unlike traditional appliances, the oven is continuously improved with frequent software updates along with new cooking abilities and programs.


Connected to your water source, CUCKOO’s patented 6-stage filtration with 4 filters produces fresh drinking water that is 100% clean and rich in minerals. The CUCKOO ICON is equipped with the world’s first in-and-out electrolysis sterilization system, continuously sanitizing itself including the faucet and drain tube. Wrapped in an elegant and modern design, there are 13 levels of water temperature you can choose from. It uses touch panels and offers innovative features such as mood lights, a child lock safety system, and smart energy-saving modes that switches your device to sleep mode on schedule or when the room is dimmed. Well-trained technicians will take care of product installation, filter replacement, periodical sanitation and maintenance at no extra cost. Currently, you can try it out free for 5 days, purchase it or gain your product ownership through the CUCKOO water rental program.

KM 7000 Hob Unit

Sleekly designed, versatile and easy to use, the KM 7000 Hob Unit by Miele features full-surface induction tested to last 20 years. With a width of up to 90 cm, it can hold six pots, pans and even casserole dishes that can be positioned anywhere on the unit and even moved around. These pots and pans slide virtually noiselessly and smoothly over the surface and ring settings travel automatically with the pot, unlike other hub units where the rings impose restrictions on where they can be placed. The SmartSelect controls are convenient and intuitive. The hob and power settings are activated and regulated at the touch of a fingertip. Once a pot or pan is placed on the ceramic screen, the hob unit offers a run of numbers for power selection in a position close to the pan. Frameless models can be effortlessly combined with units from the modular SmartLine range such as wok, teppanyaki grill and downdraught extractor.