Kitchen Essentials

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Yo West

The latest technology from Miele is the Generation 6000 (G6000), a completely new generation of built-in appliances – from wall ovens, steam cookers, coffee machines and microwave ovens to cooker hoods. Innovative user interfaces make these machines easier to use than ever before. Meanwhile, best representing Samsung are its frost-free refrigerators and free-standing electric range.

The Miele G6000 brings greater elegance, versatility and convenience to the kitchen, offering two new design lines in four colors. Each design has been created to harmonize with different kitchen styles. PureLine, one of the two designs, harmonizes with various architectural styles ranging from purist to contemporary by integrating into kitchen cabinetry. The extensive use of glass on the frontage of appliances constitutes one of the key features of the PureLine range. On the other hand, the solid appearance of the appliance handle is a striking feature, making the handle appear to float above the glass front. Each design line offers a stock of appliances which span various product categories, uniting them through their complementary design features.

With the new G6000, interfacing with built-in appliances has never been simpler. Customers can select from various user interfaces to best suit personal preferences. A new highlight is the M Touch control. M Touch stands for a high-resolution TFT display (thin-film transistor) on flagship models, reminiscent of smart phones and tablet PCs. You can browse the menu by swiping or scrolling with the tip of a finger. Functions and menu options appear in brilliantly clear black letters on a white background.

MultiSteam, CupSensor, FlexiLight

Miele has refined numerous technical details in kitchen appliances with the G6000. Outstanding examples are the MultiSteam technology on steam cookers, the CupSensor on built-in coffee machines and FlexiLight on refrigeration appliances. The highlight of the new Miele steam cookers, MultiSteam technology is destined for use on models with a large-volume cabinet. Water from the tank is pumped into a powerful steam generator located behind the inner cabinet. The steam is admitted through eight inlet ports (there are six on combination steam ovens) which shorten heating times and allow faster, more uniform distribution of steam, paving the way for perfect results.

Meanwhile the FlexiLight glass-edge lighting produces a “wow” effect whenever the door of the built-in refrigerator in the G6000 product family is opened. LED light sources, affixed to the front edge of the glass shelves, immerse the cabinet in a pleasant and uniform light. Each individual shelf has electrical contacts, allowing FlexiLight shelves to be repositioned effortlessly within the unit. This is practical in particular when space has to be created for, say, a large gateau.

Frost Free Refrigerator with Coolpack Technology and Digital Inverter Compressor

Cool Pack is Samsung’s Patented Technology, with advantages that are crucial for extending a refrigerator’s life. In the event of a power failure, the Cool Pack absorbs a large amount of heat from the freezer section, which helps to maintain a low temperature and keep food cool. Cool Pack delays the rise in temperature even when the power is off for up to nine hours. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor (DIC) intelligently varies the refrigerator’s power and running speed (as a variable) as per the immediate cooling requirement of the compressor. Unlike a conventional compressor, DIC does not abruptly start and stop; ensuring consistent, uniform cooling and consuming less energy. Less start and stop also means low noise and less wear and tear of internal components, thereby prolonging compressor life.


FTQ387LWGX 30 Freestanding Electric Range - Stainless Steel

This unit fits those who need a decent, heavy-duty, hi-tech range for preparing professional-standard meals. It’s equipped with regular cooking elements for regular simmering, an element that heats up very fast for boiling water, an element for cooking with big pots or an oversized frying pan plus a warming element for keeping mashed potatoes or gravy hot. The top cooking elements come on full blast in about 15 seconds. The ‘convection oven’ mode allows for convection baking to make bread and work just like a pizza oven; meanwhile ‘convection roast’ cooks meat and poultry just like a rotisserie. The oven’s glass touch screen is used for setting oven temperature and the oven has a “steam clean” function for light cleaning. Last but not least, you get a warming drawer with a sturdy construction.