Story By
Sri Utami

A Mixed Feelings Group Illustration Exhibition by the Atreyu Moniaga Project

On July 17th, 2019 Atreyu Moniaga Project presented its fifth generation, illustration incubation project Mixed Feelings 04 with the theme Kintsugi. Presenting the works of four artists; Elle Dhita, Dinan Hadyan, Jessie Tjoe, and Sol Cai in Tugu Kunstkring Paleis Art Gallery, Menteng, the exhibition was open to the public until August 15th, 2019.

The Atreyu Moniaga Project as an artist collective that has managed and educated young artists since 2013, this time telling the struggle of four women artists who are joined in Mixed Feelings 04. Carrying the theme Kintsugi, a Japanese method of repairing broken ceramics with golden lacquer, these artists show how a growing process perfects one’s life.

Mixed Feelings 04 captain Elle Dhita describes her adaptation process as a woman who has lived far away from home when living in the USA. Dhita was formerly a digital artist, heavily inspired by the aesthetics of Disney animation and Japanese Illustration, this time she experiments with a traditional media (watercolor). Jessie Tjoe with her collection through gouache and coffee is inspired by the gothic era and its eccentricities. She realizes how important it is to be honest to oneself. Tjoe represents her fears and problems in the form of monstrous characters that she visualises in her artwork. Dinan Hadyan previously dabbled in the world of k-pop fandom and is widely recognized as “Abusedmember”. She has always believed in the perfection in creating art. Through exploring combinations of collage and watercolor, Hadyan challenges her own thoughts on perfection, and instead focuses on sending a message through her art. She realizes that the perfection that she’s been striving for lies in the beauty of the process, not the popularity, or by the numbers of followers on social media. Sol Cai was a commercial illustrator who having worked on many game projects had her career put on pause after being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Through this program, she expresses her aspirations and anxieties on canvas. All of her struggles and her internal conflicts she expresses by creating beautiful art as a media for self-healing.