JNE Gives a Digital Knowledge Workshop to local SMEs in 18 Cities

Story By
Diana OReilly

JNE Express is Indonesia's leading expedition company and it has long been a reliable service for expediting, logistics via land, water, and sea freight services in literally any size. This year, celebrating its 27th anniversary, JNE is inviting entrepreneurs in 18 cities to take part in their workshop “JNE Ngajak Online” part of the company's plan to get more small-to-medium enterprises to have an online presence.

Through this workshop, JNE brings digital marketing experts to the 18 cities including Tanjung Pandan, Bengkulu, Sorong, Jayapura, Samarinda, Palangkaraya, and Banda Aceh, to give a 2 hour workshop on a 'Digital Revolution' to local SMEs.

This workshop was initiated by JNE as the country's e-commerce delivery service has quickly risen to be one of the company's biggest businesses. In many parts of Indonesia, there are no shortage of quality products that fail to meet the buyers outside their cities for the lack of exposure and marketing prowess.

Other than educating the entrepreneurs about the importance of a digital presence in any business, the workshop also informs the participants of the key strategies to distribute and market their products to Indonesia and even to export them outside the country. This is where JNE comes in to promote their expansive expediting products. In addition to the  workshop, JNE also offers a free shipping service to Jakarta, for all participants one day after the workshop.

Currently, JNE is preparing a JNE International Service that will enable its customers to ship to 250 countries around the world through more than 5000 of their outlets spread across Indonesia.