JNE Delivers Joy to the People

Story By
Diana OReilly

After more than 28 years in the business, JNE has become a household name in express mailing services and logistics. Starting with eight employees, JNE now has up to 45 thousand employees throughout Indonesia at the head office, branch offices, partners, and JNE agents. With Indonesia’s thriving e-commerce industry and JNE's strong position in the eyes of consumers, the company has increased the number of package shipments by a whopping 30 to 40 percent annually.

As a labor-intensive company, JNE implements a strong Human Development program that goes beyond training, offering rewards for loyal employees. For employees who have worked more than 12 years, JNE rewards them with umrah trips to Mecca for the Muslims, and to the Holy Land for Christians. On JNE anniversaries, the company even rewarded some with houses.

A number of initiatives for the community have been designed, especially for the MSMEs, with programs such as opening new opportunities to become JNE partners or agents that creates jobs for the community, or the Pesona program (Souvenirs from Nusantara) that offers a place for SMEs and regional products to develop businesses by expanding their market share nationwide. In addition, JNE also organizes free training in various fields to improve the MSME competency.

A unique program initiated for breastfeeding mothers is the ASI (breast milk) Shuttle service called JESIKA operated by dedicated female couriers and available in the Jabodetabek area. Demand for such a service is high, especially for nursing mothers who work a day job. The same goes for routine CSR programs, ranging from compensation for orphans to assistance to victims of natural disasters.

In addition, JNE supports other activities in various fields, such as social, cultural, educational, and sports. M. Feriadi, President Director of JNE, pointed out, “In sports, JNE was appointed the official logistics partner of Pesta Bola and Futbal Momentum Asia (FMA) during the 2018 World Cup. For their customers, JNE has the JLC (JNE Loyalty Card) that rewards its members with a variety of prizes through the annual JLC Awards.

JNE has more than 7000 service points spread throughout the archipelago and a fleet in excess of 10,000 vehicles, from motorbikes to large trucks, and is currently building an automation sorting center called the Mega Hub that is set to open at the end of 2019. When ready, this hub will be able to process up to a million packages per day. For its IT system, JNE uses cloud management that enables 24/7 non-stop and real time integration, both internally and externally. This technology also enables a detailed trace and tracking feature for its customers.

With all that and 21 awards just in 2018, JNE is more than just about packages and logistics. But you probably already knew that. If you’ve sent a rushed package in Indonesia, you’ve used JNE.