Ishigamaya: Bringing the Japanese Hamburg to Jakarta

Story By
Michael Eaton

Those looking for a taste of luxury wagyu in a different form should check out Ishigamaya Jakarta, located on Level 5 of Plaza Indonesia. This is food company Kichiri & Co’s first international venture, after opening over 100 popular outlets in Japan. It’s a brand frequently associated with long queues, as their unique cooking methodology results in a product that’s without peer.

It’s led by executive chef Yukihito Sakase, a chef who’s opened three Michelin-starred restaurants prior to joining Kichiri & Co. The hamburg, which uses high-quality imported beef, is a very popular dish in Japan. The beef is taken to the kitchen before being cut into shapes best suited for a hamburg, with chefs ensuring that that there is a perfect balance between fat and leanness. At Ishigamaya it’s minced before being combined with a mixture of vegetables and spices. It’s then grilled in a 400° stone oven with infra-red lights, helping ensure a juicy and flavorful final product. Grilling through this method ensures a crisp surface on the outside, but a soft and tender texture on the inside – extraordinarily savory but with rich meat flavors.

The signature menu includes the classic Ishigamaya Hamburg served with a Japanese-style sauce, it comes with your choice of rice or freshly-baked homemade bread. The Napolitan Hamburg is served with a tomato sauce, while the Omelet Rice Hamburg which comes with both pasta and anomurice style side dish. Finally, the Gratin Hamburg features a cheesy melted top, lightly charred and served on a bed of green beans and cream sauce. All items some with soup and salad on the side, and if desired, extra sauces such as the original sauce, teriyaki, cheese cream sauce, Napolitan, and the chef’s special sauce.

The food is served steaming hot on a sizzling black plate for an extra special experience, and delicious dessert options like the Fondant Chocolate and Honey Toast are available to finish your meal.