Interpreting Kartini

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Inclover Magazine

To coincide with Kartini’s Day on 21 April, the opening night of a solo painting exhibition by Sudigdo titled “Interpreting Kartini: Refuse or Acknowledge” was held at KOI Kemang, Jakarta. After a speech by Rita Subowo, the exhibition was officially inaugurated and ran until 11 May 2015. The exhibition was sponsored by KOI Kemang, Alexandra Jewellery by Sisi Sharp, Sababay Wine, Ramsay-Premier Bintaro Hospital, Dusun Bambu, Trio Warna Printing, Paper Gallery, Clea Flower Boutique, NOW! Jakarta and InClover Magazine.  

Sudigdo has always been inspired by the female figures, painting them as subjects and respecting them as symbols of strength and beauty. The women in his paintings are typically Indonesian women with strong eastern culture. Carrying through the legacy of Kartini, the Indonesian historical icon who fought for gender equality, Sudigdo wanted to present the problems of modern women. In one hand, they struggle with oppression and injustice and in the same time celebrating their feminine side. 

In this exhibition, Sudigdo painted various female figures in poses and expressions with subtle, hidden meanings behind them. “Collapsed Crown” depicts a woman who wears a helpless emotion because a crown, symbolizing the most precious thing she has as a woman, was taken from her. In another painting, “Covering Kartini”, Sudigdo questions the relevance between Kartini’s ideas with modern women today.