Intensive Wellness Immersions at Amanpuri

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Cita Arsita Farani
Amanpuri, home to Aman Spa in Phuket, Thailand, introduces integrative medical services and Intensive Wellness Immersions at its new and revolutionary Holistic Wellness Centre. A certified medical team works alongside Aman's renowned experts in ancient healing techniques and alternative therapies, combining  state-of-the-art technology with an open-minded holistic ethos in Amanpuri’s quest to boost guests’ health and wellbeing.
The integrative medical services fall broadly into three categories: anti-ageing and preventive medicine, aesthetic, and sport performance. Guests will first be assessed by a fully qualified doctor during a comprehensive diagnostic consultation. Analysis of all test results, plus in-depth discussions regarding lifestyle and personal goals, might lead to the prescription of specific medical treatments as part of a bespoke wellness program that also includes a personalized nutrition plan. 
Amanpuri is also the first Aman to provide Intensive Wellness Immersions, individual programs for a minimum of five-night plans with prescribed medical treatments tailored to an individual’s needs. There are also shorter experiences, a two-day Wellness Discovery program and a one-day Wellness Introduction, along with specialist health and beauty treatments. 
Situated at the heart of the property, the Amanpuri Holistic Wellness Centre has, in addition to the new medical services, a 12-suite Aman Spa with infrared saunas, hydrotherapy areas and a finishing salon. A hilltop fitness center offers Pilates studio, Muay Thai studio with boxing ring, yoga pavilions, glass-walled gym and juice bar. Its presence has been a core part of a wider six-month renovation at the resort, which saw six pools added to guest pavilions, a new Beach Bar and facilities for children and young adults, as well as a complete refurbishment of the spa and fitness facilities.
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