Hotel Borobudur’s 42nd Anniversary Celebration

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Inclover Magazine

The festive celebration of 42 years Borobudur Anniversary was studded with sweet joy and unforgettable experience for its guests.

Taking place at the main lobby, Borobudur hotel held a celebration of their anniversary on March 23rd, 2016, featuring a giant replica of the hotel building made of sugar dough (pastillage) and surrounded by 1000 macaroon. The replica was also decorated with 1000 pieces of dark chocolate cupcakes in thick and distinctive flavor.

According to Patrick Beck, General Manager of Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, the celebration concept was to show guests that the building of Borobudur Jakarta hotel is still very well-maintained and well preserved in its 42nd year. Selection of cupcakes and macaroons to surround a replica of the hotel building hopefully will leave the impression of a sweet experience for the guests, who swarmed the display to get a taste.