Health and Fitness at Your Fingertips

Story By
Devina Wiriadinata

There’s an app for almost everything, including many that can help you maintain or improve your health and physical fitness. But with hundreds of apps out there to choose from, it’s hard to pick one, let alone actually put it to good use. So, here are InClover’s 5 favorite health and fitness app

  • Fitbit

While there are many additional features for people who have Fitbit trackers, you don’t necessarily need a wearable device to use the app. You can still use your smartphone to track basic stats, like steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned.

It also has the ability to log your weight and record other health information, such as your blood pressure and glucose level. But if you do own a tracker, the app can even record your sleeping habits and measure your body’s exact hydration level.

  • Sworkit

The Sworkit app has a wide range of exercises you can do just about anywhere, with no equipment. Although the workouts don’t require any equipment, you’ll be most comfortable with a mat and a pair of training shoes.

Each session comes with demonstration videos, verbal instructions and cues. You can follow and edit the pre-designed routines, or design your own workout routine. The app allows you to set a goal, such as working out for 30 minutes every day, and you can even add a reminder so that it delivers a notification each day to prompt you to begin exercising.


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, app make the perfect workout companion. It has more than 300 yoga poses and breathing exercises. Each and every move comes with high-definition instructional videos to ensure that you’re doing it correctly.

Although it has 45 pre-installed programs, you can still create your own yoga routine by adding or removing poses from each program. Even more interesting is the ability to find photos shared by yogis around the world and share a photo of yourself doing yoga.