Have You Tried “Tangas Betawi” Spa Treatment?

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Inclover Magazine

Adding to its existing Indonesian-spa inspired treatments, Bimasena Spa at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta launches Tangas Betawi, a traditional spa experience originating from the ethnic group of Jakarta itself: the Betawi. The treatment has been handed down through the generations as a bride-to-be ritual to bring out her natural beauty, allowing her to radiate a distinctly pleasant scent and sweat less.

Tangas Betawi starts with a foot ritual to calm the mind, body and spirit; followed by “pulen legit” body massage with special techniques around female organs to improve vitality, then concluded with a relaxing facial and head massage. Later, numerous time-honoured ingredients such as ylang-ylang, rose, magnolia, jasmine, pandanus, secang wood, lemongrass and kaffir lime are boiled together for the herbal steam to draw deep impurities from the body, give pleasant body aroma and improve blood circulation. The 2 hours experience is wrapped up with body scrub and a glass of Bir Pletok. 
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