Halaman Negeri

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani
Fashion First in collaboration with its 10 designers and The West Java Batik Foundation introduced Halaman Negeri, a collection celebrating the priceless heritage created with natural-dyed batik from Ciwaringin, West Java. The fashion show was held at Goodrich Suites, Jakarta, presenting Head of BEKRAF Triawan Munaf, Vonny Cornellya and Ferry Salim among the runway models. 
Fashion First's participating designers are Amelia Kartikasari, Angelita Nurhadi, Auguste Soesastro, Deddy Iriawan, Deden Siswanto, Jeffry Tan, Natalia Kiantoro, Patrick Owen, Rinda Salmun and Soetjpto Hoeijaja with accessories by Manjusha and shoes by Marista. Each designer's style shines in their design, featuring batik in different ways while staying relevant in a timeless fashion. The process to create natural dye is environmentally friendly, using plants to get the subdued yet elegant colors. 
The event was supported by Bank BNI, Samkim Skincare and Cosmetics and Goodrich Suites. On the day of the fashion show, some proceeds will go to Lion Clubs Jakarta for environmental conservation efforts.
All collection is available exclusively at Fashion First Jakarta. For more information, visit instagram.com/fashionfirstjkt