Golden Women Painting Exhibition

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani

Sudigdo presents admirable, shining subjects.

Going back to his core muse of strong Javanese women, Sudigdo presented his 15th solo painting exhibition titled "Golden Women" at the Rumah Jawa Gallery, Jakarta.

Drawing inspiration from the "golden women" in his life - his mother, wife and daughter - he painted women as subjects of his paintings. They displayed optimism and considerable strength in life, including in times of hardship.

They were not without flaws yet still admirable in their own way. Each painting was a story, boasting a narrative connection between each woman and the other subjects or objects.

"Telling A Story" showed the generational differences between a grandmother and her granddaughter. The woman in "Another Throne" posed a challenge through her pose, sitting on a chair while stepping on a king chess piece, and with an expression which seemed to say that she can conquer the world should she to. Another woman was "Hiding the Mask", hesitant to show her true self despite her beauty and inner strength. With "Shaking Soda", Sudigdo painted the euphoria the subject was in, while on the contrary he felt that she should not be carried away by the pleasure of instant culture coming from outside.

Sudigdo also portrayed successful women who shone. Powerful and elegant figures such as Raisis Arifin Panigoro and Kartini Basuki, along with entrepreneur Martha Tilaar, who heads the cosmetics business empire Sariayu, they all shone in his portraits.