Garmin recently launches fēnix 6 series

Story By
Sri Utami
Garmin recently launches fēnix 6 series, the premium multisport GPS watch. Specially created for adventurers, the fēnix 6 collection is equipped with a Power Manager for longer battery life and the newest Pace Pro technology which allows runners to adapt to changes in altitude, also equipped with largest round screen display ever released by Garmin. The first innovative feature in the fēnix 6 series, is Body Battery with body energy monitor which allows users to manage training schedules, rest periods and sleeping time. 
The fēnix 6 and fēnix 6X multisport GPS watch series are created slimmer, to be comfortable to be use on the wrist, while increasing the size of the screen display from previous series. In addition to a larger screen size, Garmin also introduces Quick Fit nylon straps with silicone colors. The Sapphire edition also enhances the quality and durability of scratch-resistant sapphire glass and premium materials for better performance. 
The fēnix 6 series is the latest solution offered by Garmin for outdoor activity segmentation, which emphasizes technology development and innovation in enhancing user experience while carrying out various outdoor activities. Suitable for climbing, hunting, trail running, mountain biking, golfing, diving or using satellite communications, outdoor devices.