Foreign Business Chambers of Industry and Commerce: Growing Your Network for Your Business

Story By
Sri Utami

As Indonesia is a force to be reckoned with in the global economy, especially with the G20 Presidency for Indonesia in 2022, and despite the fact that the world is still facing the COVID-19 situation, Indonesia continues to grow, inviting the whole world to work together, recover together, grow stronger and sustainably together

Although, due to global pandemic, Indonesia recently moved from upper-middle income to lower-middle income status as of July 2021, it is still a promising nation for foreign investments, manufacturing and many other potential sectors. For a long time, Indonesia has been the home of some of the most influential Foreign Business Chamber sof Industry and Commerce. 

Here, we introduce EuroCham Indonesia and ICCC (Indonesia Canada Chamber of Commerce), your network entrance to doing business as an individual or company in Indonesia.



ICCC was formed through the merging of two existing independent organizations. The Canadian Business Association which largely represented Canadian business people in Indonesia, with the Indonesia Canada Business Council which largely consisted of Indonesian business people interested in closer business ties with Canada. Subsequently, the new organization has expanded operations and now represents Canadian business interests in the International Business Chamber. This group actively lobbies the Indonesian government to ensure that the views of international businesses are heard when new legislation or regulations are being discussed.

The Indonesia Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) role is as an organization dedicated to serving its members, business community, and stakeholders by providing information and analysis on business trends in Indonesia and Canada; hosting knowledge sharing events where participants can learn about and discuss Indonesian and Canadian business related topics; representing the general interests of Canadian business to the Indonesian government, as well as introducing Indonesian business to opportunities and networks in Canada; organizing social networking events bringing members closer together; and promoting business-based fundraising activities.

Membership gives access to Canadians doing business in Indonesia and Indonesians who are interested in doing business in Canada with several networks representing countries from around the world. 

ICCC members are committed to ensuring the organization is recognized as the home of ideas and information to best support in connecting Canadian and Indonesian business interests


EuroCham I

For two decades, the European Business Chamber of Commerce (EuroCham) has been serving as the key policy advocacy platform for European businesses in Indonesia. As the single unified voice, EuroCham’s members share a common objective to enhance competitiveness and ease of doing business in Indonesia. EuroCham carries this out through the working groups that cover multiple sectors and are positioned as a dialogue partner for the government of Indonesia.

Committed to free trade, improved market access, and sustainable business practices, EuroCham directly represents the interests of over 200 predominantly European companies actively operating in Indonesia and indirectly over 1,800 companies though the 8 bilateral European business chambers of commerce in Indonesia representing the British, German, Italian, Dutch, French, and the Scandinavian chambers of commerce (Danish-Indonesian Business Chamber, Indonesia Norway Business Council, Swedish Business Association). 

The pivotal role that EuroCham plays through its role as an advocacy platform and as a key dialogue partner with the government, especially in these unprecedented times, is in critically supporting the members as they deal with challenges in operating and adapting to doing business in Indonesia. 

Some of the successful milestones achieved by EuroCham include its advocacy effort towards the Article 20 Patent Law, whereby the inputs submitted were recognized and accommodated by the government in terms of the exemption from taxation on freight forwarding, and forging working relationships with relevant stakeholders such as with the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and many more.

EuroCham welcomes the interest and active participation of companies that seek policy advocacy support to raise awareness of the issues and concerns that potentially lead to an enhanced and conducive business environment.