Fonzu Premium & Hokkaido Beer En: Thrilling Grills and Brews

Story By
Aditya Purwanto

The Japanese have this idea, to enjoy cold beer and quality meat at the same time after a long day at work, undoubtedly one of the greatest ideas in existence.

Camouflaged, somewhat, in the lobby of the commerce-heavy Wisma BNI 46 in the prestigious Sudirman area of Jakarta, lies the Fonzu Premium & Hokkaido Beer En, a well-established restaurant which recently incorporated A Hokkaido Beef and Japanese beer garden concept into its operation. Beef, imported from Hokkaido, can be enjoyed here in two main ways; yakiniku and shabu shabu. Yakiniku as many already know, simply means grilling meat, meanwhile the term shabu shabu comes from Japanese onomatopoeia from boiling something, thus shabu shabu in essence means to boil, in this case, the mouthwatering Hokkaido Tokachi beef.

There are a number of beef cuts that can be savored at Fonzu, all with their own uniqueness and form but equally delectable such as the diced cut Saikoro which brims with tender fat, jumbo sized Wagyu King Steaks, or the beef tongue Gyu Tan with its fine texture. In addition, a high-quality chicken menu and a variety of fresh mushrooms and vegetables are also available. The Shabu Shabu menu offers slightly different cuts that relate to the different cooking techniques.

Apart from the well-known beef, Fonzu Premium & Hokkaido Beer En offers an exclusive lamb yakiniku called Genghis Khan. There are rumors of how the name came to be, but the simplest one is that Mongolians are known to favor lamb as their main choice of protein intake, hence the name of the famed ruler. Just as with the beef counterpart, Fonzu’s lamb yakiniku contains several cuts such as Atsugiri, Tokujo and the slightly hotter, Spicy Lamb. Furthermore, Fonzu Premium & Hokkaido Beer En also includes set menus such as Niku Kaiseki, which is appropriate for business and anniversary dinners, and more fun events such as mini comedy shows and eating contests.

Wisma BNI 46, Ground Level
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta

+62 21 251 4722