FITmee: Healthier, More Fulfilling Premium Instant Noodle

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani
Instant noodle has been among the favorite comfort food of Indonesia and many other countries for all ages. In 2018, The FIT Company launched FITmee, a premium instant noodle alternative which is tastier, healthier, more fulfilling and low calorie levels, only 60 kcal for the soto variant and 150 kcal for the spicy Korean fried noodle compared to the 350-500 kcal in regular instant noodles.

In a talkshow event at GoWork FX Sudirman, The FIT Company Co-founder Bambang Reguna Bukit (Bams) and entrepreneur Desy Bachir as regular consumers of FITmee shared about why they love it and the benefits. Made from konnyaku, it contains 97% water and 3% glucomannan fiber. It's widely used as carbohydrate replacements in diet menu and can help control blood sugar level, lose weight, reduce LDL cholesterol among others.

They don't feel guilty consuming it as a result, and often add toppings or recreate recipes using FITmee as the base ingredients. The latter was demonstrated by Nova Euginia, a healthy food chef who cooked milk-based laksa noodle and fried noodle with vegetables and egg on the spot. Currently FITmee has been distributed to other Asian countries and is looking to distribute its products through offline channels such as grocery stores. Soon there will be four new and attractive variants to keep up with the market's taste while preparing to explore international market beyond Asia.