Fashion Rhapsody "Harmoni Bumi", a Fashion Collaboration presenting Ariy Arka, Ayu Dyah Andari, Chintami Atmanagara and Yulia Fandy

Story By
Sri Utami
Each designer with their renowned fashion works will showcase their designs, this time they independently synergized to deliver a new vibe in presenting charming fashion works applying sustainable practices which are inspired by nature, environment and humans. The vision and mission of these four fashion designers are in line in spreading the excitement and enthusiasm of fashion shows that are full of sophisticated style, but not forgetting to recite the concerns related to environmental and human issues.

This noble idea was introduced under a large umbrella and became a place for unrestricted performances called "Fashion Rhapsody". Fashion Rhapsody series was held successfully since 30 April 2019, then followed by soft event from 29 October to 3 November 2019, and to close the series with the main event on upcoming 26-29 February 2020 at The Tribrata in Darmawangsa. On this prestigious occasion, there will be red carpet moment, fashion shows, fashion installations, private preview of fashion collection, fashion booth displays and many others. Targeted 10,000 invitations, 20,000 visitors, 150 public figures, celebrities and many more.


Fashion Rhapsody also takes part in social responsibility activity with Dompet Dhuafa for example providing training and teaching to the scholars to become financially independent future fashion designers. Another social responsibility activity is with Yayasan Lions Indonesia, under the auspices of the Lions Clubs / Lions Indonesia Foundation, a world social giant organization with 219 members, LCJM Movast and Kalingga Family have organized a bazaar club in the context of Earth Day and collect fundraising which is handed over to activities that care for nature and the environment. The vision and mission that are in line make LCJM Movast and Kalingga Family set aside 20% of the proceeds from the bazaar sale as a form of support of Lions Clubs / Lions Indonesia Foundation to Fashion Rhapsody as a forum for designers who have the same concern for the environment. The donation was then forwarded to WWF Indonesia to support their nature conservation program. The issue of fundraising and providing support to Fashion Rhapsody and WWF Indonesia will be disseminated to all 219 member countries of the Lions Clubs. 

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