Exquisite Artisan Cuisine at Musashi by Aman

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Inclover Magazine
Helmed by renowned Master Chef Hiroyuki Musashi, Musashi by Aman introduces traditional and authentic style sushi to Aman Tokyo. It offers an intimate experience and the opportunity to view the sushi artisan at work up close. 
The sushi served at Musashi by Aman is of the traditional Edomae style, which has its roots in the Tokyo Bay area just a stone’s throw from the hotel. Every morning, Chef Musashi hand selects the freshest seasonal fish and seafood from the newly opened Toyosu Fish Market. Musashi’s rice truly captivates the palate – the result of absolute attention to detail, or as he puts it, the ability “to feel the outline of every grain before adjusting the amount of salt, vinegar and water according to the season, temperature and even the time of day.” Reflecting authentic Edomae style, sushi is prepared using ‘shari’ rice soaked in white vinegar, and cooked ‘al dente’. The sushi course served at Musashi by Aman comprises eight tsumami (appetisers) and 10 nigiri. The menu is fixed, but differs each day – a traditional concept known in Japan as omakase, or “chef’s choice”, because it's entirely dictated by the quality of the seafood that has been caught.
The drinks menu at Musashi by Aman features eight types of premium sake – including a wonderfully balanced Hakurakusei (junmai daiginjo) created exclusively for Aman Tokyo by the renowned Niizawa Brewery in Miyagi. The standout drink is undoubtedly the Musashi by Aman-branded sake, produced by
the most experienced artisans at the same brewery.
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