Europe On Screen 2016 showcased The Best of European Cinema

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Inclover Magazine

Europe on Screen (EOS) is an annual event organised by the European diplomatic and cultural representations in Indonesia. EOS 2016 held from 29 April to 8 May in Jakarta and 5 other cities across Indonesia. A total of 78 films from 22 European countries was screened during EOS 2016.

The festival was opened with Italian director Roberto Ando’s film Long Live Freedom. Meanwhile, closing the event was The Surprise, a film from the Netherlands. The lineup was presented, hoping to erase the common stereotype that European films are unexciting due to a dominance of dialogue paired with a general lack of action and or entertaining scenes. The selection of films this year were not only entertaining, but offered a series of interesting and unique stories.

 The festival organizers divided the films into six categories: Xtra, Discovery, Docu, Retro/Focus, Family and Open Air. The event also held workshops and film discussions featuring special guests from the European film scene.