Enticing Cuisines, Exciting Parties

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Aurora Chen

Not everyone is talented at party planning. God forbid if we have to come up with a theme for a bash! Forget about the food – we can’t even decide on a venue and whom to put on the guest list. Oh, if only a kindly fairy godmother really did exist…Not everyone is talented at party planning. God forbid if we have to come up with a theme for a bash! Forget about the food – we can’t even decide on a venue and whom to put on the guest list. Oh, if only a kindly fairy godmother really did exist…

You’ll encounter milestones in life that have to be celebrated with no less than a great party, but if you can’t organize it on your own, you can hire people to help. And if it’s catering services you need, you can be sure that these Jakarta caterers are at the top of their game.

Culture Royale

In Jakarta, we’re accustomed to the idea of catering services as home-based enterprises run by stay-at-home mothers. Not so with Culture Royale, whose chefs perfected their skills at 5-star hotels in Jakarta and received training in Europe, enabling them to hone experience and culinary techniques to expand their cooking repertoire.

From serving a royal gala of 10,000 people to an intimate party of 10, Culture Royale boasts an impressive clientele, which includes Bank International Indonesia (BII), Yamaha, Lippo Group, L’Oreal Indonesia, as well as the weddings of Indonesia’s famous celebrity couples, such as Indraguna Sutowo and Dian Sastrowardoyo.

Culture Royale’s kitchens are built with international-standard equipment and its products have been certified ISO Food Safety Management 22000 that ensures hygiene and safety in food preparation, delivery and handling.



Tree Food Concept

Tree Food Concept was created by three respected Jakarta-based chefs, namely Arimbi Nimpuno, Yuda Bastara and Putri Miranti, who offer services in private dining and catering as well as consulting.

Arimbi is no stranger to Jakarta’s culinary scene. She holds regular cooking classes at the Pakubuwono Residence and also runs cooking classes under Lifestyle Studio at Ranch Market Pondok Indah. She also writes about food and lifestyle for several major magazines. Meanwhile, Putri Miranti is a very talented pastry chef, a graduate of SHATEC School for Hospitality in Singapore, who once received an accolade from the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore, for her incredible talent in pastry art. Like Arimbi, Putri also occasionally teaches Lifestyle Studio cooking classes. The third chef, Yuda Bustara, a graduate of Taylor’s College and Université Le Mirail School of Hospitality & Tourism, is currently a food stylist, host of Kompas TV’s Urban Chef cooking show and a cooking instructor at Lifestyle Studio. The three of them will entice your guests with their finesse.



Gourmet Kemang

Without a doubt, dining at Gourmet World, Kemang, is a rewarding experience. The family restaurant is a favorite among its local and expatriate patrons who return time and again for its vast selection of Western, European, Japanese and Indonesian dishes. Sunday mornings always see a long line of customers awaiting a hearty Sunday brunch.

In 2007, Gourmet Kemang Catering was established and has since allowed people to savor Gourmet World’s cuisine outside the establishment. Your guests will swoon over the famous prime Angus American burger, wagyu rib eye steak, grilled salmon and delicious udon as well as sushi dishes. Expect no less than fine food and top quality service whether you’re going for casual dining, an intimate wedding or a lavish cocktail party; whether you’re entertaining family, friends, colleagues or clients.



The Papilion

The great thing about fine dining restaurants that offer catering services is their flexibility. In the comfort of your own home or backyard, make your house party more festive with delicious, restaurant-standard food. 

The Papilion, which houses arguably some of the finest culinary destinations in Jakarta, namely Dining Room at The Papilion, Lounge at The Papilion, Rooftop at The Papilion and Huize van Wely chocolatier, also has a catering service. Expect nothing but the finest as the catering service features creations from these establishments. The Dining Room at the Papilion itself is well-known for its clientele of well-traveled corporate executives and celebrities. People visit its eateries not only to see and be seen, but to be enticed by the cuisine.

So, whenever and wherever you’d like to hold a party, give it that extra spark with The Papilion’s glamorous touch.

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