Embossindo Utama: Paper Perfect

Story By
Sri Utami

Paper merchant and fancy paper Producer that understands the right paper you need

Whenever you’re looking for the right paper for your custom design brochures, collaterals, special packaging materials or other branding tools, Embossindo Utama is the company to go to for solutions. Over the years, Embossindo Utama has become well-renowned for various lines of Jasmine, Ramana, Akasia, Rampai and many other fancy papers.    

Embossindo Utama was established in 1971 as a retail shop by the founder Mr. Rudy Setiawan.  In the beginning, the company distributed a complete range of writing and printing paper such as wood-free, art and matt paper plus board, brief card, and fancy paper, etc. Growing further in 1973, the company decided to build a modern warehouse facility in North Jakarta to accommodate its logistical needs. The company's relative attainment has not gone unnoticed by the suppliers. In fact, 1988 turned out to be a turning point for the company, when Sinar Mas Group, major shareholder of Asian Pulp and Paper ("APP”), appointed the company to distribute their products serving the domestic market at large. The appointment further boosted the company's access to a wider range of products and, in effect, secured steady supplies throughout the year.

In 1994 with the growing demand for fancy papers, the company embarked on a venture beyond its core competence, trading, by launching its own fancy paper production targeting style-and-color conscious audiences such as graphic designers, card, and packaging designers.  The line, named "Elit Paper", comes with one ground-breaking mission in mind: bringing to the market affordable high quality fancy papers.  In fact, customer satisfaction has been a number one priority from the first day the company opened its doors. This philosophy has served the company well for many years.  With more than sixty colors and patterns to choose from, Elit Paper offers countless conceivable applications: from corporate profiles to calendars, from wedding invitations to greeting cards, from promotional brochures to book covers, many packaging materials for different kinds of industry.

Elit Paper has become the market leader in Indonesia, exporting overseas to countries such as the Philippines, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Africa, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh and many more.  

Along with the Elit Paper success, now Embossindo Utama has become a major player in importing all kinds of paper for the Indonesian market as well.  With a well-established reputation, extensive networks, years of experience, and strong commitment to quality service and products, the company is confident it can deliver products to meet the customers' highest expectations.