Electric Sensation

Story By
Dino Moriarty

  The Model S from Tesla is among the fastest American four-doors ever built; it’s sleek and screams ‘avant-garde’ from bumper to trunk, and offers probably the most sophisticated driver-interface function you’ll ever see in a consumer car. Unnecessary frills, you say? If that’s not enough, what if we tell you that this new Tesla Model S nullifies that ‘gasoline’ column in your expenses book? Yes, you read that right. The Tesla Model S runs on electricity.   Conservatively Sleek Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen had all kinds of ideas for a look that would call attention to the fact that Model S has an electric motor. However, he resisted the urge and went for a “somewhat safe and conservative” design. Still, this doesn’t change the fact that the car has beautiful design-enhancing proportions, excellent stance and a bodyline that bespeaks harmony and grace. According to Holzhausen, the main point is that “Model S epitomizes efficiency, embodying the grace and performance of a world-class athlete. Its sculpted form expresses a constant state of speed and motion.” Using ‘All Glass Panoramic Roof ‘technology, Model S is the only sedan capable of delivering a convertible-like driving experience every day. This lightweight safety glass – essentially making up the entire roof – is more than just a sunroof. Blocking 98 percent visible light and 81 percent heat, this innovative glass keeps the cabin comfortably cool on even the hottest summer days.   Centered Around You The Model S is a driver’s car.  Behind the wheel, you’ll notice that Tesla has combined meticulous noise engineering with their uniquely quiet powertrain to obtain the sound dynamics of a recording studio. Climb into the Tesla for the first time and you will be puzzled at the lack of ignition button, only to realize moments later that the car turned on when you buckled your seatbelt with the Tesla key in your pocket. What will truly blow you away is the 17-inch touchscreen panel that dominates the dashboard and features the controls for everything, from the radio to the steering effort, navigation and cabin controls and everything else in between. As an added bonus, you can also surf the Web easily from the touch panel. From the moment you open the door, the high-resolution Model S touchscreen powers on and restores its most recent settings. The most commonly used controls line the bottom of the screen for easy access at any time.   Max Power, Zero Emission If you haven’t already noticed it from the pictures, we’ll say it again. There are no tailpipes. This means that the Tesla Model S doesn’t spew harmful emissions, and ultimately – and we risk incurring the wrath of oil sheiks around the world here – liberate their owners from the paradigm of petroleum burning. Tesla vehicles can use electric power in any form, be it from coal, solar, hydro, wind-power or geothermal energy. Aside from offering maximum efficiency, the Tesla Model S is truly an environmentally-friendly luxury vehicle. So how does one ‘refuel’ the Tesla Model S? At an expensive, sparsely found ‘recharging station’ or using special charging equipment that will multiply your electricity bill tenfold? Neither. Although refueling stations for Model S owners will be available to use free of charge. When your Model S arrives, your Delivery Experience Specialist will explain how to use the car’s Mobile Connector, which is literally as easy as charging your smartphone. You can plug the connector into any power outlet, although the type of power outlet will determine how fast your car will charge.  Two outlet adapters are included: one for a standard household outlet and a second adapter for a 240-volt outlet.