Edi Syumardi Syamsu: The Core of Hospitality

Story By
Jim Gorjy

Starting his career in 2009 after graduating from marketing school in Singapore, Edi decided to concentrate on the hospitality industry, more specifically, hotel-related management.  As he jokes, “I am more of a cool-climate person, and hotels are comforting places. That’s why I designed my career in hotel hospitality.”

After spending several years working with hotels in Makasar, Manado and Solo, he then joined Intiwhiz as hotel manager of the Whiz Hotel Jogjakarta in 2014. In a year, he had succeeded in maximizing the room revenue of Whiz Jogjakarta, strengthened market penetration, and increased his marketing teams’ working system, and these achievements saw made him promoted to the company’s central office Jakarta as Corporate GM & Sales Marketing, where he continues to use his skills. Supported by 12 extremely capable colleagues, he directs and supervises the sales teams for 17 hotel locations. “My responsibilities cover all issues related with sales, marketing and revenue, from the pre-opening to operational period, all under my supervision.”

His biggest challenge is to consolidate his company as one of the most desired hotel groups in Indonesia. “Local tourism is a modern trend. We focus on the domestic market because the market is enormous” he said. Through the years, the company has achieved about 80% ofits expected targets and within the next 5 years, Intiwhiz will still be focused on the domestic market.The national-chain Whiz group, with its 17 hotels, are split into four hotel brands, ranging from 2 to 4 star accommodation, around Indonesia. The company’s motto: simplicity with style.

Edi believes that in the last three to five years, most hotel businesses obtainthe most revenue from online marketing. Though the company has been using e-commerce for several years, in terms of revenue, each branch has a different approach, achieving market volume from online selling/marketing, and/or gaining room rate attraction from the offline market. “The market is dynamic, hotel growth is also dynamic. Today’s trend is e-commerce, I think people favor a more simple way. We must adapt to that. We provide what the market needs,” Edi states. He estimated the company has penetrated about 25-32% of the 2-4 star hotel market in Indonesia via e-commerce. When a mobile phone is a necessity, the potential market is everyone who ownsa mobile phone.

Indonesian hospitality will always be the best for him as Indonesians have an immaculate hospitality culture, a sincere hospitality. As the essence of the hotel business is service, the rest is adoptable. He plans to constantly renew the service with innovations, product restoration, and service enhancement. The need of e-commerce simplicity is also his crucial concern. “In terms of service, our country is still the best. But in terms of selling or promoting, we can learn from somewhere else,” he says.

In 2017, he and his team are preparing new hotel openings in Padang, Jogja, Makasar and Malang. The branches will be located in strategic areas and Edi is optimistic that their branches will become the best 3 hotels in each area. “Those developing cities have improved infrastructure and are among the favourite destinations in Indonesia. ”The goal is toextend and to maintain hospitality by providing optimal service to the customers. The hotels are equipped with specially-designed health matresses and authentic local culinary delights, supported by easy an reservation system and Whiz Mate Loyalty Program membership which offers guests even more benefits.

In his 8 years career, Edi has proven his abillity through his passion for,  and achievements in the hospitality industry. He holds a Bachelor Degree from Hasanudin University in Makassar, Indonesia and a Diploma in Marketing Management from the Marketing Institute of Singapore. He has travelled to many cities around the world such as Barcelona, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, and the Maldives, and plans to travelmore. He also finds time to listen to music by his favorite musicians such as Frank Sinatra, Zayn Malik and Keane.

Profile Photo by: KIKY Y. BASUKI