Cooking Made Easy

Story By
Chelsie Ou

Four apps to help you navigate your way around a kitchen.

Some people prefer cooking to be efficient, to achieve the goal they set, whereas others just love to cook and experiment, learning some new tricks in their kitchen. Some might be good cooks and some might have just started and don’t know what are they going to do. For all of these variations, there are helpful food apps that can provide thousands of recipes at your fingertips, teach unique cooking tips and tricks, and even allow you to make your own recipes to publish worldwide.

⇔ Tasty

Tasty provides thousands of recipes for home cooks all around the world. From appetizers to desserts, from meat lovers to vegans, there is a huge list of recipes that you can easily try at home. Just click the recipe you want and they will give you how-to videos with clear ingredient lists and a step-by-step mode to easily follow the preparation stages.

⇔ Cookpad

Meet other home cooks from more than 70 countries around the world as Cookpad offers a platform to share your recipes and helps you to set up your daily cooking plan. It also has a community tab where you can post and share your recipes and even see who is cooking your recipes. The app is also available in more than 25 languages.

⇔ C Channel

This app gives you tons of unique tips and tricks about food. It makes cooking possible for even the busiest home cooks. There are tips and tricks, recipes, restaurant reviews, and even kitchen gadget reviews in their Recipe section. Spending 5 minutes on 5 informative yet satisfying videos and ideas for cooking sounds like killing two birds with one stone, doesn’t it?

⇔ Kitchen Stories

Just like the name, Kitchen Stories is a treasure for home cooks who enjoy the latest updates in the foodie world. With a sleek design that pleases the eye, it captures various recipes from both professionals and community members. Moreover, it tells you how long you will spend making a recipe, the difficulty level, and even the nutrition per serving. There are food related articles and shopping lists for the recipes you have saved meaning that shopping lists have probably never looked so pleasing.