Canon iNSPiC: Instant Camera-Printer

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani

Bringing back the special impression of printed photos, Canon launched the compact and stylish instant camera-printer combination called iNSPiC. Each photo you take is printed directly with ZINK (Zero Ink) technology onto the specialized 2x3 inch photo papers that double as stickers, but you can also set the 2x2 inch resolution for square photos. With no film involved, you can open the back and refill the photo papers anytime without worry.

iNSPiC comes in two types. iNSPiC [S] is the more premium one, with Pearl White, Matte Black and Rose Gold variants. Its 8 megapixel camera is complemented with a built-in LED ring light and a large mirror on the front for better selfie. With the Canon Mini Print app, you can also edit and print the photos from your gallery or use the remote shutter button. Meanwhile iNSPiC [C] has brighter colors, Bubble Gum Pink, Bumble Bee Yellow and Seaside Blue, making it a fashion statement on its own. It comes with 5 megapixel camera and a small selfie mirror.  

There is no screen where you can see the photos you take, but everything is saved in the micro SD card which supports up to 256GB. The quick reprint button can easily print the last photo as many times as you like as long as the signal light is still on. This light also tells you if you're running out of photo paper, so you won't miss any precious moment.

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