Burangrang : A Feast for the Senses

Story By
Widia Arianti

Well known for its safe haven, Dusun Bambu offers comfort inspired by nature. Cultivating Bandung’s love of of good food, Dusun Bambu, through the Burangrang Restaurant, brings casual dining specializing in Asian and Western fusion.  

Steak Jawa 2.0 (grilled tenderloin and mashed potato served with Bistik Jawa inspired sauce) and Salmon Lodeh (pan fried salmon with an Indonesian vegetable and coconut milk soup) are two of the menus that will fascinate anyone. We also have to mention the Indonesian favourites such as Iga Garang Asam, Nasi Goreng Lamb Chop, Nasi Kecombrang, Buntut Bakar Burangrang, among many more wonderful dishes.

Burangrang can serve up to 228 persons with the new government regulation, and is a perfect meeting point for families, friends and colleagues. With its location at high altitude, the restaurant gives breath-taking views of the panoramic Mount Burangrang and Purbasari Lake.