Bottoms Up and Chow Down with Plaza Indonesia at Senju Omakase Teppanyaki and Sake

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Inclover Magazine
Even though we're inching away from the joyous celebration of 2018's New Year spirit, there are still many reasons to keep the spirits high for the long journey ahead.
Shinnenkai is the Japanese way of welcoming the arrival of the new year usually by the consuming of alcohol, and Plaza Indonesia has a way to level such occasion up a notch at Senju Omakase Teppanyaki and Sake. Pairing four of Senju's best delectables with Lindeman's four different types of premium liquor, we're all set to embrace whatever the year 2018 has to offer.
The show started with Senju's Potato Cream Soup which was paired with Lindeman's Brut 25 Cuvee. The soup's earthy and light sweet flavor was matched evenly with the champagne's fruity aroma, but the creamy sensation of both eats and drinks did not impair each other, if else, they added evenly and neutralized the palate for the coming main course.

The main course was initiated with Salmon Teppanyaki. Cuts of salmon were seared on high heat skin side first, then the heat was lowered to keep the meat from being overcooked. A side of mixed vegetable then introduced and the seared salmon was served with a specialty sauce made of shrimps' head, zucchini paste, tomato paste and a dash of basil sauce to add the deep richness of the whole dish. Acting as its companion was Lindeman's Bin 99 Pinot Noir. The red wine's medium body amplified the rich seafood aroma and by the time it touched the palate, the acidic kick cleared the remaining strong smell that seafood often leave behind.

Following the salmon was a salad dish, made by mixed fresh vegetables with sesame dressing accompanied by Lindeman's Bin 95 Sauvignon Blanc. The white wine was a light body with a fresh crisp finish, beautifully fresh and cool, perfect to restart the whole dining experience with the main attraction for the festivity.

Awaited with full anticipation was the US Prime Sirloin which would get a teppan-grill treatment with preferred doneness. Three types of sauce were presented, the black pepper mushroom, onion shoyu, and miso paste, in addition of a pinch of wasabi that would definitely keep every single one of taste buds awake to savor all the taste. Paired with the beef teppan was Lindeman's Bin 45 Cabernet Sauvignon, the medium to full body red wine was brimming with plum and berry flavors engulfed within a soft tannin structure which didn't tamper with the beef's solid aftertaste.

The simple, yet most belly-filling Garlic Fried Rice was set as the last course before the dessert. Minced garlic was stir-fried in a puddle of olive oil before rice was poured and butter was added. Served with Miso soup which acted as a little reminder that they all can only be experienced in one of Jakarta's best Japanese restaurant, Senju Omakase Teppanyaki and Sake at Plaza Indonesia.