Attarine Jakarta x ​Mejekawi -​ ​Ku​ ​De​ ​Ta​

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Inclover Magazine
As part of Attarine Jakarta's concept as a chef-driven restaurant, its culinary team collaborates with renowned Chef Benjamin Cross and Chef Stephen Moore of ​Mejekawi -​ ​Ku​ ​De​ ​Ta​ for a two-night special event on 11-12 January 2018, serving special set menu featuring Indonesian-dishes using contemporary culinary techniques. According to Chef Ben, they came up with the menu together and it took several last-minute changes to make the dishes go even better together. The twists to the traditional dishes are done without disrespecting them, invoking a unique flavor with gorgeous presentation. 
The dinner starts with snacks. The Crab & Corn Perkedel with harissa and curry leaves are well-balanced that you can taste the crab even with the curry flavor. Foie Gras parfait served on brioche is just the right amount of savory with a refreshing side of compressed apple. Everyone's favorite, though, seems to be the Cured Salmon with tastefully crunchy rosti with creme fraiche and sambal matah.
Continuing on, the Lightly Smoked Tuna marinated with olive oil and gherkins are best eaten on a bite of saj bread topped with gentleman's relish, sumac sauce and radish. "Our" Sop Buntut comes in the form of thoroughly tenderized oxtail submerged in dashi soup, further enhanced with the spicy but divine sambal. The Squid Ink Noodles is light and effortless to eat, consists of butter poached squid, pork pancetta, xo sauce, spring onion and garlic crisps that gives the dish just a dash of additional savoriness. Just like its name, the 48HR Organic Beef Short Rib takes two days of preparing the meat into a tender, wholesome dish, served with carrots, tare jus, mushroom butter, pickles and nasturtium. The feast ends with Jack Fruit Triffle, where you should dig into the bottom of the cup and enjoy the whole miso sponge, mint, pandan and jack fruit goodness in each scoop of spoon.