Arnon Brook: Reshaping Suits

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani

Suiting up stylish men for every occasion.

With the changing needs in today’s fashion, brands have to keep up with the trends while still maintaining their standard and aesthetic. Arnon Brook was among the first to provide ready-to-wear formal suits in department stores throughout Indonesia, taking the risk among the tailored, customized suits, and succeeding in owning the business opportunity. But, as things are changing, so is Arnon Brook.

With Arnon Brook, men can now simply explore their own style and preference, from silhouettes and cuts to colors and materials. Age is no longer an issue and suits are no longer limited to formal wear as men can wear them everywhere as a fashion statement. For people who work on the go, suits are more comfortable, less heavy and easier to move in. Thanks to the brand’s commitment and the ever-developing textile technology, there’s no compromise to the quality. Arnon Brooks offer suits made from exclusive yet lighter wool, smart-casual poly viscose, charmingly wrinkly linen and a variety of the latest cotton variants plus, other formal and semi-formal men’s fashion items are also available. Even the color options are abundant, no longer sticking to the old dark and natural colors.

At the same time, today’s customer is aware of style and fit, so the brand has evolved by offering tailoring services at some of its outlets. This has lead to the same personalized service through online channels. Replicating the offline pre-purchase experience, a dedicated team for fitting will come to you, and samples will be sent to ensure you pick the right one for whatever occasion you have in mind.