Aman Resorts: The Future of Wellness and Travel

Story By
John Thompson

Travel is changing — no longer content with a cheap massage and trip to the beach the modern traveler yearns for a more holistic wellness experience. An experience that will not only relieve the stress and burnout of our busy lives, but also reduce it. Aman Wellness has met the modern travellers desire for greater spiritual and physical enrichment. With a new and expansive itinerary of wellness programs, available across their many resorts.

This January learn from the renowned Buddhist spiritual master and scholar Geshe YongDong, in an all inclusive package that includes Tsa Lung breathwork and meditation, two 90 minute consultations with Geshe YongDong, meditation and a spa treatment. This March heal your body and mind with a Reiki healing retreat led by Reiki master Pak Warmana. Dine on a carefully curated selection of herbal teas, juices and food in a cleansing and enriching experience. This April indulge in the Ancient Wisdom of the UNESCO listed Borobudur temple (One of the oldest Buddhist temples in the world). With lectures from Javanese healers, Spiritualists and even an Anthropologist. This year don’t just escape your daily life, but enrich it. Aman Wellness retreats offer more than your average getaway.