A Taste of Georgia

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Inclover Magazine

At the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe is a country with stunning landscapes and warm-hearted people. Georgia also offers some tasty products which earn a special place in the hearts of the locals and the visitors.

Kona Tea & Herbal Mixes is a popular drink with many variants for different occasions, mood and time. Kona means bouquet in Georgian, and each variant of the product is just like a bouquet of herbs and tea leaves, beautifully arranged together. Zena, for instance, is a slimming and detoxifying bouquet with green tea, blackberry leaves, ginger, lemon zest, hawthorn and pomegranate flowers, common horsetail and sage. Mountain Dew, a Bilberry leaf tea from the Bakhmaro hillsides, can improve blood circulation.

Churchkhela is a traditional Georgian snack made of grape, nuts and flour with no preservatives. The nuts may vary from almonds, walnuts to hazelnuts, threaded onto a string and dipped into thickened grape juice. The dried result, shaped like a sausage, would then be cut onto thin slices.

The celebrated Natakhtari lemonade is a carbonated soft drink first launched in 2005 and currently distributed in 20 countries. It’s so embedded into Georgian culture in a way that’s comparable to Indonesians with their jamu. Among the most popular flavors are Cream and Tarragon, the latter tasting like a refreshing herbal drink.

For more information on the products, you can contact Embassy of Georgia http://indonesia.mfa.gov.ge