A Project of Love from the East

Story By
Amaliah Begum

 EASTmayya, a sociobusiness in the emerging Islamic fashion market

   Islamic fashion industry in Indonesia has been growing massively within this past decade. Heading to 2020, more brands are born to become the qibla (reference/role model, in this context) of world's Islamic fashion and labeling themselves as part of the Islamic fashion movement.

   One that beats in the heart of Indonesia's Islamic fashion market is EASTmayya. Providing wide spectrum of products and service, from ready-to-wear, customized design and tailoring, and even bridal line, EASTmayya stands out from the others. The label stands on its sociobusiness platform while also tries to go deep exploring ideal dressing way for muslimah. Running various projects to empower the community, EASTmayya apportions some of its profit for giveback programs and by having Islamic values as its fashion core.

   Designs are presented with focus on modesty and versatility; most of which are breastfeeding and wudhu-friendly cuttings. This brand believes that beautiful cutting means keeping it to the minimal, and colour combinations are kept in the subtle tones. Thoughtful fashion shoots are conducted, applying chest-covering hijab and other basic principles. For instance, decent make up (no eyebrow plucking, decorative lenses, fake eyelashes) and also no showing-off pose, apparent on the pictures in their instagram account @EASTmayya.

   Currently available offline in La Moie Boutique, third floor of FX Mall Sudirman, products of EASTmayya are displayed with price tags printed "kindly reuse me as bookmark :)". A proof of the brand’scommitment to spread eco-friendly message in its post-sales chain. Apart from that, EASTmayya also reuses a lot of plastic wrappers once handling online orders made through Whatsapp (+62 815 816 4540) and/or Bb Pin (584 5562 C). Altogether with other nine fashionpreneurs, this brand has also managed to initiate scrap fabrics donation to be upcycled into bags and shoes.

   Approaching the end of year 2015, it would be very wise for us to contemplate, evaluate, and rethink about this life, personally and generally. As for EASTmayya, it is not just about running a business. Putting on the Islamic glasses while creating designs, choosing colors and patterns, presenting the products, plus educating and empowering the community, is not really an easy work. Yet once firmness is something that is being looked up to, anyone could passionately dance with contentment. Hence there is this label for your fashion and charity spirit, contently dancing with its passion, idealism, and strong will to spark in this emerging Islamic fashion industry.

Hijabers Outfit Checklist:
> loose cutting
> non-transparent fabric
> chest-covering headscarf
> shows identity as a muslimah
> does not resemble man's clothing