A charmingly chic gastropub

Story By
John Thompson

Offering diners a chic informality and plenty of booze, The Duck Hook Bar is infamous classic designed by Wilson Associates. Taking from this legacy, the English pub offers an eclectic and classy English dining experience. Featuring fireplaces, bar counters, communal tables, light fixtures, and even a custom Victorian family duck art collection from London artist Ellie Pop, all inspired by English sensibility.

It’s not all stuffy britishisms however, the Duck Hook’s design is steeped in humour and irony. Remember the collection of duck sculptures? English tweed pillows, along with an interior colour palette inspired by a duck, exaggerate and parody some of the Gastropubs core design principles. But it’s not all subtle humour, as Duck Hook delivers on what is an indisputably charming and family-friendly atmosphere. Hidden yet still accessible from its perch in the prestigious Dubai-Hills estate, The Duck Hook offers a cozy clubhouse atmosphere somewhere to unwind and enjoy the open views.

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